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KESA Academy Financial Assistance Policy project

Kibera Elite Soccer Academy (KESA) is dedicated to associate and organize a focused pathway for the total development of football players in Kibera and its environs, providing them with the opportunity to play at the highest level of competition possible. KESA understands that participating in competitive soccer requires a greater financial commitment than recreational football and strives to help players/families who need financial assistance in a way that benefits players, their families and the club. The club believes that the inability to pay should not present a barrier to players' participation. Requests for financial assistance will be considered on an individual basis and evaluated based upon player/family need, available registration fee, scholarship training funding and to demonstrate the player commitment.

Our plans, tasks and achievements:-

·          To work with 200 players. 100 on bursaries and 100 paying players ( we have achieved to register 8 paying players 7boys and 1 girl.)

·          To organize soccer camps and bring in coaches from different parts of the world at least once every 2 years. This year, our first soccer camp will be in April 2021 with local coaches.

·          To participate in both local and International tournaments.

·          To affiliate with local and international clubs and academies to health players get exposure and further their sports skills. We have managed working with two soccer clubs by signing with them our players on loan.

·          To create a strong girls team. ( we have 16 girls/players in our team ).

This project has been in place since the beginning of this year and has been faced with lots of challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the whole world thus having the paying players getting registered in our academy has been very low. Our target is to register at least 20 paying players in every quarter of the year. So far we have registered 8 players hoping to have more in April Soccer camp.

The biggest task has been lack of appropriate gears and inadequate playing ground for our 100 bursary players. In order to reach more clients, we are going to put a lot more energy on branding, which include kitting the 100 players, coaching and management with branded KESA kits.

The biggest challenge has been paying the artificial soccer field rent which we use every Saturday and Sundays at a costly fee with low turnout on the paying players. We have secured a grass field with lower cost which we shall use for our Sunday soccer activities which will include soccer matches/games as well


A.         ACADEMY INCOME. Eur 600

       Donations ( Money received from ONGD Youncanyole Expediciones ) = EUR 200

       Paying players ( 7 boys and 1 girl )= Eur 400

B.         OPERATIONAL EXPENSES (OPEX) last three months = Eur 1,740

       Soccer field 32 hours per month = Eur 480 ( 3 months Eur 1,440 )

       Lunch for the 8 volunteers per month ( coaches, admins, physios ) = Eur 100 ( 3months Eur 300 )


·         Car hire to transport coaches, staff members and equipments to the field = Eur 80 ( 3months Eur240)

·         Printing of registration forms = Eur 5

TOTAL MONEY SPENT IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF    YEAR 2021                                          2,425



·         A soccer camp in April to register more paying players

·         Import soccer kits brand and make sales which will help us raise funding for the club


·         Use of both grass and artificial turf field. This will cut the cost of the high monthly expenses from the current EUR 480 TO EUR 240